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ARGH! is a short comics anthology put together by a group of Galway based artists, writers and terrible hybrids of the two.


About the authors

Admittedly, nothing like the centaur you keep dreaming of. Also disappointed.

Brian's Facebook - His Tumblr - And his Twitter!

Comedian/Musician essentially looking for female duplicate to make confusing love to.

Sean's Facebook - His Youtube - He's also on Twitter!

Daz Keaty:
Leaves the comfort of his nest to explore the strange world of social interaction. Don't make any sudden movements or he may scurry away.

Darren also has a Facebook - And Smackjeeves! - And Deviantart?

Could have been a rock star. So count yourselves lucky.

He's on Facebook (shock) - Tumblr too - And.. (drumroll) Twitter!

Cíara Curran:
"Oh, that's alright Brian, you can write mine. I trust you." - A foolish woman

She's on Facebook (who isn't?) - And Instagram!

A cartoonist who lives in Galway. He has been scrawling rough pictures since he could hold a pencil. His style hasn't matured much over the years. Neither has his sense of humour.

His Facebook! - Deviantart! - and Weebly!

Pink Doll:
"I'm passionate about the child in me but my kids get tired of that child and writing comics is a way to keep that child occupied."

Jamie Chambers:
Texts like a 15 year old girl, but takes care of business like a man.

James Newell:
Galway based artist, worked on Zarjaz (2000ad fanzine), pub scrawls in McSwiggans, listens to Donal Dineen when on radio (DJ god in my world).

Email: jameschristophernewell@gmail.com


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